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 We are made of music

A colloraboration between Ameet Malhotra (UK based yoga teacher) and Manish Pingle (renowned Mumbai musician).


We Are Made of Music is an interactive participatory performance that aims to create the experience that we are all made of music.


What would that be like? What if we had had that experience even for a moment?


The performances are a meeting of Indian classical music (acousitic raag performance) seamlessly integrated with yoga practices (naada yoga, breathwork , soundwork, mudra and meditation).  In other words, We Are Made of Music are intimate acoustic concerts with meditation.  The concerts invite participants to engage in subtle yoga practices, then listen from a point of stillness. We aim to explore the space of egoless performance and egoless listening.

Re-imagining citizenship an installation at Loughborough university Martin Hall til July 14

Imagine we were all made of music.  How would it be to be a citizen of a country where we recognized that we are all made of vibration- a unified field of vibration?  What if we could feel that in our daily lives, even for one day?!

How would we view ourselves in space and time as citizens of a country where individuals knew no boundary or separation from each other?


It's often said that music is an international language- something we all understand.  This piece, brings to together Indian classical music and the yoga of sound for an experiential performance piece that creates the experience that we are all made of music.  Immigrant citizens and immigrant arts show the way to a more collective view of the world.


The performance piece questions the need to identify with a society that strives for individuals as citizens and seeks to create the experience that citizenship is a collective experience.




Manish Pingle

Born in a family of music lovers, Manish was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother. After a few years of learning basics of classical vocal, he started his initial training in Indian slide guitar from the late Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar.  Manish is currently under the tutelage of USTAD SHAHID PARVEZ, the famous sitar maestro of Itawa Gharana.


A strong urge to create quality music and rich sound, Manish experimented with altering the string arrangements and varying his playing techniques. Inspired by Masters like Pt. Brijbhushan Kabra, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, and Taalim and with blessings from his Gurus, Manish developed a unique right hand picking style, blending it with powerful left hand slides. His mastery over the development of a Raga and the intricacies of Taal comes from the years he spent studying with his Guru, the sitar maestro, Ustad Shahid Parvez.


Manish was awarded the Title ‘SURMANI’ by Sur Sringar Samsad, Mumbai. He also received an exclusive honour from the WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, London. Manish is an artist of All India Radio and Television. He has won many accolades performing solos, duets and fusion concerts, collaborating with fellow musicians from India and also international musicians like Blues legend Michael Messer and Saxophone maestro George Brooks.  Manish has recorded music albums with International maestros like Hector Zazou (IN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS) and Michael Messer (CALL OF THE BLUES).

Ameet Malhotra

Ameet was also born into a family of music lovers, and he was introduced to sacred song at a young age.  As a child he performed in choirs and as a soloist.  Ameet is a yoga teacher with a varied and extensive background in yoga having qualified in three systems of yoga. He also has degrees in both Arts and Science, and his background in musicology, yoga and therapy inform this project.


With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, Ameet brings a knowledge of the deeper possibilities of yoga. As an occupational therapist, he has conducted clinical research in the field of yoga nidra, a yoga practice that uses the voice to create transcendental experiences.  He has worked extensively teaching yoga and meditation in prisons, hospitals and yoga studios.


He is a founder of established Nottingham yoga studio The Yoga Village, 

2010 - present
2010 - present

"The goal of a raga and its artist is to create rasa (essence, feeling, atmosphere) with music,"

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